Want to be a designer for Mango Ink too? Awesome! We believe in treating people right and, being designers, we know how it feels to

a) put your stuff out there

b) experience the agony of getting rejected and

c) experience the joy of being accepted.

We also know how it feels for a company to take your design, your work, and your art, and make lots of money off of it while giving you a measley percentage. So we promise to be nice, be fair, and treat you like the artist you are. If your art doesn’t fit with our art, we’ll still treat you like the artist you are!

So give it a go!

To give a first impression, fill out the form below and tell us who you are: what you’re passionate about. Maybe a link to some samples. Or maybe just share your love for the circus. We’re pretty clear about what makes us tick and we want to know what makes you tick and maybe… we can do some ticking together.

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