the process:

1. Pick the design you love, the options available (see under design) and add to cart.  

2. Tell us any modifications and or personalizations in the forms that appear when you add the product to your cart. 

With weddings, feel free to wait as long as you need, to send us the information, as there is quite a bit of information to communicate and wait on.  

3. If the card is a photo card, follow the link on your confirmation email to email the photos to us. You can always just email the photos to with your order number as the subject as well. 

4. Work with a friendly, creative, personal designer to make the card exactly what you want. We'll only print after you say "Yes, that's it!"  

5. Send out something beautiful to your friends and or family and be so so happy to have sent an invitation that is as lovely as your day will be and represents you two as a couple! : ) 



our philosophy:

We're designers. Let us design. You're the client. Let us serve you. We don't think this should be stressful.

Especially around wedding time!

Once you order we'll be in contact with you and you'll start working with us to make the perfect card(s). 


Of course you're going to have modifications - it's your wedding. Colors need to match and information has to be correct. Again, we recommend doing all of this via email once we get in contact with you. 


Again, we recommend with photos, just wait until you are ready to send over those photos.


Color changes, font changes, and text changes are on us. Just so you know we expect, with wedding orders, for there to be more customization than normal. 

It's cool. We can handle it.  

the options:

the package: 

You can order the entire wedding suite which includes invites, rsvp cards, and info cards all at once and receive free thank you notes from us that coordinate (after the wedding). 

Or you can order individually. You do save money ordering it all together as a suite (in addition to the free thank you's.)  


130 pound smooth. paper. The 130 refers to the weight of the paper. A heavier weight means the paper is actually heavier, usually thicker. This paper is a smooth (not matte) paper and prints beautifully. It also feels really nice in the hands. 

110 matte green. As it's a lighter weight, it's not going to be as thick but it is 100% recycled paper and does come with a nice matte finish. 

38 point double thick savoy cotton. Points are another way to measure the thickness of paper and are a little more precise. Trust us, this paper is unbelievable. It's incredibly heavy and thick and feels absolutely beautiful. (Turn around times are a little longer for this paper) 

Wedding suites: Come with the invite, RSVP card, info card and thank you notes. Please note, the thank you notes are printed on matte green paper, front and back, flat printing.


Square. An actual corner.  

Rounded. The corner is shaved and rounded off for a nice little touch.