we love branding!

We love to take your existing branding to a new level with all the fabulous printed material or let us help you start from scratch! We offer logo design, branding story boards, custom art for your offices, event branding and even websites. Do you want letterpress business cards with painted edges and coordinating note cards? We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

The Mango Ink creative process begins with learning. We ask a bunch of fun questions. We dig. We dig deeper. Then we get to dreaming. We make a whole lot of lists, we map and plot, we present ideas. Next comes the super fun part. Creation. We draw and sketch and revise and sketch and revise more before presenting our exciting ideas that capture you and the feelings you want your clients/customers to feel. Once the creative is approved, we head into execution.  This is when we take our carefully planned creative and apply it to your business — we design all the things, submit all the print orders, hit the “publish” button, and get all the source files to you. They are yours and you can use them as you please. And the very best for last:  THE POP. CLINK. FIZZ. Cheers to your beautiful brand!

(We are picky. We hope you are too! Because if we're going to do this, we're going to do this right!)

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