Q: How fast are you?

A: Blazing. For photo cards, you’ll have a proof within one day, 24 business hours. They generally ship 3 to 5 business days days after your proof is approved. Note that if you are ordering letterpress, acrylic, vellum or any other special papers, they take a bit longer for printing. We will keep you in the loop. Wedding invitations take 1-2 weeks in production.

Q: What type of card stock do you print on?

A: All of our paper details are here.  

Q: Is there back printing?

A: Yes! And if you would love another photo or two on the back and/or more text and/or design elements, we will happily design a one for you.

Q: Why can’t I make my own online proof?
You do realize other companies do, right?

A: We are so happy to offer one on one, personal service! And if you can't decide between a couple of designs and want to see your photo(s) in them before you move forward, we are more than happy to do that for you. Just email us your photo(s) and the three designs you want to see and we will drop them in for you. Still want to know more? Visit our home page and be reminded what makes us unique. 

Q. It feels really vulnerable working with a personal designer. What if i request too many changes?

A. We love to make each design one of a kind! In fact you need to know, you are “never a bother”, or “high maintenance”, or “changing things up too much”, or “making us frustrated “. We promise we LOVE our work and are here to make your cards unique like you. We stand behind that and hope you feel the love oozing through your email. We like to keep to the “three rounds of edits” rule, but can go beyond that if truly necessary.

Q: Can I get extra envelopes?

A: Unfortunately, we do not provide extra envelopes with your order. But if you are in desperate need of more, just email us. No problem.

Q: is everything shipped together?

A: We ship as fast as things are ready. That means that Cards, Lined Envelopes, Labels and tags will often be in separate packages. We will send tracking for each item.

Q: Do I need extra postage for any of your products?

A: The USPS requires an additional postage for square envelopes only. 20 cents extra. You can purchase those special stamps at the post office. Don't worry, the fabulous Double Thick cardstock does not require extra postage. Wedding invitations can be more.

Q: What if there is a mistake on the final product?

A: So we don’t have mistakes, please look over your proofs really really well before you approve. We copy and paste your text, so re-read what you send us to avoid this.

If there is a mistake that was not on the final proof you approved, we will redo the card and resend on us.

If there is a mistake that was on the final proof that you missed, we will redo the card and resend for 50% of the price of the original order. 

Q: My photo isn’t in digital format – is there a way I can get it to you anyway?

A: We would recommend you find a scanner and scan it in. If you would like us to do that for you, email info@mangoink.com and we will let you know where to send them.  

I can't decide which photos to use. Can I send you a bunch and let you decide?

Yes! If you need help, we'd love to help. Email questions@mangoink.com with the photos you are thinking of using and we will give you our ideas. Please only send your favorites and no more than 8 options.

Can/will you crop and/or adjust my photograph?

We will crop photos and perform minor adjustments (remove red eye or convert from color to b/w). However, our designers do not remove backgrounds, foreground items, change shirt colors, or perform major color adjustments on your photos, etc...

If you could tell me the most important things about designing a photo card at Mango Ink?

Photos matter. Make sure the resolution, for a card order, is at least 720 x 1008. In other words, big! We will let you know if your photo is not big enough. When sending from your phone, be sure it's "actual size". This will make for a crisp, beautiful print.

When choosing photos be aware of the shapes of the photos. (A landscape/horizontal photo of your entire family will not fit in a square or portrait/vertical image space on a design.) But if you love a horizontal design and your photo is vertical, we can rotate the design and make it special for you. No charge, no stress.

Color changes and text changes are welcome! We want it to be the colors you love. If you have a beautiful saying that means something to you, consider it on your holiday card, or wedding invitation.


What if I need another design, other than the one I ordered, mocked up?

Keep in mind that we can only work on the template that you have ordered, (keeping our designers sane).  BUT if you can't decide between a couple of designs and want to see your photo(s) in them before you move forward, we are more than happy to do that for you. Just email us your photo(s) and the three designs you want to see and we will drop them in for you. Sometimes you just do not know until you see it and we get that.  

If you would love another photo or two on the back and/or more text and/or design elements, we will happily design a one for you. All you need to do is let us know in the "notes" box as you check out. We will send you a proof of both sides of your card.

Can I be a designer for you? And sell my designs on your site?

We would love to hear from you. Currently every design on our site is designed by Ryan or Heidi. (unless noted). Email us to chat.

How do I order?

Find a design you fall in love with and that means something to you. Read about the details here.

You will tell us all the details like dates, names, sayings, or anything else that should obviously be personalized for your order as you check out in the "notes" section under your billing information.


I don't like ordering online. Can I call you?

You bet. Give us a call at 888.999.9085 or send us an email with your number and we'll call you.

 The shopping cart says something about cookies?

Make sure cookies are enabled on your web browser. For most browsers this involves nothing more than going to your browser preferences and "enabling cookies". Here's a good resource if you're not sure if you should enable cookies.


How long will it take for me to get my product?

We send proofs within 24 business hours. After proofs are approved products ship either 2 or 3 days (cards) via either UPS Ground or UPS Next Day (depending on your choosing).

All labels are shipped Priority Mail (2-3 day).


Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes! Email us for the link.


Q: How good are you?

A: We are passionate and proud of every single thing that we do. Hopefully it shows how much we love this!

Read what some of our clients say.


Q: Can I have rounded corners?

A: Yes! Please. They are really cool and complimentary. Select it on the product page. Just know that they are not available on the Double Thick Cardstock or the 4x8 cards. 

Q: What if I want something completely different?

A: Due to high demand, we limit the custom designs that we work on. If you really would love us to work with you on an idea you have, email us  and we will let you know if we have an opening. The rate is $100 per hour for the design fee, minimum of one hour.

Q: What modifications can I do?

A: We offer color and text changes on every design. This is your card and it should be perfectly you. On a side note, it is often the most amazing to request the colors be based off of your photo. This makes a dynamic card! See more details here!


Q: What if I’m not happy with the final product?

A:  We promise you will be. But in the rare case that you are not happy, you will have to pay to ship the products back to us. And of course let us know first and we will talk about a solution. All custom lined envelopes, labels, and cards cannot be refunded unless they are damaged. 


Q: Do you put your logo anywhere on the card?

A: Yes, we do. And that’s why we care so much about how your card looks. It’s our name on there and we care about our brand, more than ever. If you have a professional photographer that took your fabulous pictures, we would love to put their logo on there too. That being said, we are very particular that it is a small logo.


Q: How do I send you photos?

A: After you place your order, simply email us the pictures at photos@mangoink.com. Please include your order number in the subject line when you send photos. In special cases, we do accept original photographs via regular mail. Let us know if you need us to do that.

By submitting photographs, you are agreeing that you own valid copyrights for the photos and that you are, or have received permission, from those pictured in the photographs. If the photo is of a minor, you are agreeing that you are, or have received permission, from that minor’s legal guardians.

Please be aware that purchasing prints of a photo, CD, or DVD from a professional photographer or studio does not necessarily transfer the copyright of the photo to you, and sometimes the photo cannot be reproduced without a release. You can be personally responsible for copyright infringement even if you did not intend to break the law.

We don’t mean to scare you. Well we do a little. Most of the time this is not a problem and we love to work with photographers, so if you are uncertain, have them call or email us.

Q: What size photographs do I send?

A: Those requirements are generally 720 x 1008. We will let you know if your photo is too small and if they won’t print well. So send it over! 


Will I see the design before you print it?

Absolutely! We never print anything until you have seen a digital version and approved that proof. That also means that you have checked for spelling, dates, etc... You will always receive a proof within 1 business day.

For you visual people who are nervous to purchase before you see the final proof, don't worry, you are never stuck with something you don't love. We will work with you until you love it and often become fast friends. If you should change your mind during the proofing process, before printing, we are happy to credit your card. There are no hidden charges.


Will I be able to change the order (quantity  or style) after I place the order OR order more of the exact design I already ordered?

You can always change the number of cards you need, etc... until you approve the proof. If you'd like more, we're happy to add more but once we print, we print the number you ordered. If you want more, you can always place another order and we can print more exactly like you approved for the previous order. 

All you need to do is add the same design (or similar design) into your shopping cart. In the "notes" section let us know it is a reorder of order #(insert order number). No need to submit photos again or any other modifications. We will reprint the exact same order with the paper and corners you ordered.

Can I choose my shipping?

Yes. We offer Ground Shipping to the lower 48 States for $6.00. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii - that's really cool - but you will have to pay $25 for Next Day Air Shipping. You don't get a choice. For you lower 48 people, you can also upgrade to Next Day Air for only $15.


Do you ship international?

Of course! We love our international clients! The only thing to be aware of is all taxes and duties are your responsibility.


Do you ever have sales?

All the time. Get our newsletter and you'll always be notified. 

I have another question about...?

Feel free to write info@mangoink.com or give us a call at 888.999.9085.