the process:


1. Pick the design you want, the options available (see under design) and add to cart.

2. Tell us any modifications and or personalizations in the forms that appear when you add the product to your cart.   

3. If the card is a photo card, follow the link on your confirmation email to email the photos to us. You can always just email the photos to with your order number as the subject as well. 

4. Work with a friendly, creative, personal designer to make the card exactly what you want. We'll only print after you say "Yes, that's it!"  

5. Send out something beautiful to your friends and or family and be so so happy! : )

6. And guess what, if you want something completely unique, unlike any other card, we promise we can do that for you. Chose a card you love and we will keep the essence of it, but make it totally different than anybody else. 

Design changes: 

our philosophy:

You are busy. Let us serve you. We will design your card while you get other things on your list checked off.

So, we don't ask you to place your photos and crop them or to type out your greetings. We don't ask you to make the card for us.

We got you, we see you, let us love you. 

Once you order we'll be in contact with you and you'll start working with us to make the perfect card. All Joy, no stress.

And we are super Fast.

We are here (and have been since 2005) to help you create something beautiful, something that matters and something unique to you, and to make the holidays (and sending out cards) fun again!

Correct. This is not automated. We are not automated. We’re creatives & artists... just like you are. 

You have enough on your plate. So we are that friend that says, don’t worry, we got this one. We’ll take care of it. Just let us listen, let us work, let us create. trust us. You’ll smile. 

We’re here here to make things easy and personal and to make sure that we end up with something that we're both proud of. Something that is all you and easier than you thought it could be.  

We are your personal designer, as in person-al. As in less machines.

Welcome to mango ink. 


Every cards has them, even if it's just changing names. You are welcome to put them in the notes field during checkout or just let us know via email once we start talking to you about your order.  We are always happy to add photos to the front or back, just ask.


Email the photos to with your order number as the subject. Or you can set up a Drop Box or Google Drive link for us. Sometimes that is best.


Color changes, font changes, and text changes are on us. We'll also crop photos and fit them as we see best. You are welcome to put these in the notes field during checkout or, again, just let us know as we start talking.  

If you want a fully custom card (a new design, different than anything we have already) we charge $75/hour with a minimum 1 hour charge. Email with any questions you have.

the options:


130 pound smooth. Cardstock. The 130 refers to the weight of the paper. A heavier weight means the paper is actually heavier, usually thicker. This paper is a smooth (not matte) paper and prints beautifully. It also feels really nice in the hands. It photographers favorite and ours!

110 matte green. As it's a lighter weight, it's not going to be as thick but it is 100% recycled paper and does come with a nice matte finish.

(Secret cardstock option: 130# matte, uncoated 100% recycled. Let us know if you want this one. We are happy to make this change for you. Think of this like In-N-Out’s secret menu. Order the 110# matte & mention the change request in the notes. No extra charge.)

Double thick. 48 pt. will not bend. Points are another way to measure the thickness of paper and are a little more precise. Trust us, this paper is unbelievable. Photo's print fabulous on it and it's incredibly heavy and thick and feels absolutely beautiful. No extra postage required. Note: round corners are not available on this product. Select square corners before adding to your cart.

Double thick 48pt. cardstock.

Double thick 48pt. cardstock.

rounded corners vs square corners


Square. An actual corner.  

Rounded. The corner is shaved and rounded off for a nice little touch.  



Each card comes with a crisp white, square flap envelope. 

But sometimes you want colored envelopes, or even some with a little bit of coordinating design

And sometimes you still want white, BUT you want a fun "built in" liner that is fully customizable to match your card design (this one requires zero assembly, it's ready to go. We can even use a photo for the liner. They are so much fun!

We have all these options and love them all.


5 inches by 7 inches. Full bleed. Images takes up the entire card on both sides. 

4 inches by 5.5 inches.  Full bleed. Images takes up the entire card on both sides. 

5 inches by 5 inches.  Full bleed. Images takes up the entire card on both sides. 

4 inches by 8 inches. Full bleed. Images takes up the entire card on both sides.

Four sizes, 5x7", 4 x 5.5", 4” x 8” and square 5 x 5". available in folded as well, not shown.

Four sizes, 5x7", 4 x 5.5", 4” x 8” and square 5 x 5". available in folded as well, not shown.


Flat. The standard flat card, printed on front and back.

Folded. A card you "open", printed on the inside/outside, front/back. Since on most designs there isn't an example, we will of course design it for you and send proofs of inside and outside of the card. Please note the 5 x 5 and the 4 x 8 are not available in folded.